Bank of America Online Banking

Bank of America Online Banking

Over 21 million people currently use Bank of America online banking.

Bank of America OnlineBank of America has been a leader in introducing innovative online services, such as free online bill pay, SiteKey(TM), free online equity trades and Business 24/7(TM)

Now Bank of America Introduces Leading-Edge Mobile Banking for More Than 21 Million Online Banking Customers.

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Bank of America Online Banking customers will be able to access a full range of Online Banking services using the mobile browser on their cell phone or smart phone when they're on-the-go to:

  • Pay bills.
  • Transfer funds between Bank of America accounts.
  • Check account balances for checking, savings and credit card accounts, mortgages and home equity lines held with Bank of America.
  • View transaction details for Bank of America checking and savings accounts, mortgages and home equity lines, including posted, pending and scheduled transactions.

Many companies now send ebills to their customers who use online banking. Instead of monthly statement in the mail, bank costumers get an email notifying when a new ebill that needs to be paid is received. There’s a large list of companies offering ebills through Bank of America - water and electric companies, gas companies, insurance companies, stores, newspapers, with more being added monthly.

Your MBNA Net Access accounts are now available in Online Banking from Bank of America.

  • Online Banking active subscribers: 21 million
  • Online Banking active bill payers: 10.6 million
  • Annual visits to Bank of America Website: 2.01 billion

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