"Students consolidate student loans for the same reason home owners refinance their mortgages: to LOWER their MONTHLY PAYMENTS and INTEREST RATE."

Consolidate Student LoansWhen you consolidate student loans, your original loans are paid off in full in return for a new student loan for the combined balances. This means fewer bills and less paperwork for you.

If you're having trouble making your monthly payments and the new student consolidation loan offers you a lower rate than the one you're paying now, you should consider the option.

Student Loan Consolidation Student Loan Consolidate
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Student loans are good debt, and worth the investment. However, high education costs, graduation expenses, a sagging economy, and fewer job opportunities, can easily make students find themselves suffering from debt.

Consolidating student loans could reduce your monthly payments by up to 50 percent, lower your monthly payment and interest rate, and decrease the total loan principal and interest amount you pay over time. However, If you choose to extend your repayment term, it will take longer to pay off your overall debt and you'll pay more in total interest.

Most consolidation lenders can offer:

  • Federal consolidation loan at a low fixed rate, as low as 2.85%.
  • Tax-deductible interest
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • No application fees
  • No credit checks or co-signers required.
  • Some offer further discounts on your interest rate if you sign up for automatic payments debited from your bank account, and if you make payments on time for a stated period.
  • Beware though, most lenders won’t consolidate student loans that total less than $7,500.

    If you're close to paying off your student loans, you are better off by keeping making the payments.

    Also, if you choose, a bankruptcy attorney can stop the collection action and garnishments related to student loan debts so that you may repay them in a plan that is feasible for you.

    Try and see how much you can LOWER YOUR PAYMENTS by filling an online application now. It should only take a few minutes and it's FREE!

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    Consolidate Student Loans

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