Identity Theft Protection Tips 6 - 10

Identity Theft Protection6 - Monitor Your Credit Report Constantly.

Identity theft protection experts recommend that you review your credit report twice a year or more. The first hint that you might have become a victim is a suspicious entry on your credit report.

7 -Monitor Your Social Security Statements.

Make sure you are being credited for all the taxes you have paid into the system. Missing earnings or earnings that are not yours can be an indication of fraud. Call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 if there are any discrepancies.

8 - Carry Only the Necessary in Your Wallet.

Identity Theft Protection OnlineDo not carry your social secure number in your wallet and only a few credit and debit cards should be in it. In case you have your wallet stolen, grab your cell or the nearest phone immediately and call to cancel your most important credit cards such as 1-800-VISA911 and 1-800-MASTERCARD. Also, make a photocopy of all your cards and your driver’s license. This will make it easier to report the thefts and get them replaced.

9 - Get a Locking Mailbox.

Many identity thieves simply follow the mail man around and grab what they can from unprotected mailboxes.

Consider using the nearest post office to send all your mail, rather than leaving it out where anyone can take it. Also, signing up for a secure online bill-paying service is a good way of preventing identity theft.

10 - Keep Your Documents Under Lock and Key.

Don’t make it easy for a repairman or a guest in your house to walk off with your checkbook or some of your important files.

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