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"Money transfer companies, such as Money Gram, move money around the world or close to home efficiently and economically."

Services include money orders, money transfers, processing of share drafts for credit unions, emergency bill payments, utility bill payments and gift certificates, Internet-based services.

Instant Cash Loans - Money Gramconsolidate credit card bills
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It is the smart way to pay your auto, mortgage, credit card and other bills fast.

Money gram products are available in more than 100,000 locations in 170 countries.

MoneyGram provides a new transaction management tool which allows billers to review a payment prior to accepting or rejecting the payment.

This technology is particularly useful within industries, such as mortgage, auto loan, and insurance, which may have time-sensitive financial or legal implications, like repossessions or foreclosures.

MoneyGram International, Inc., and Creative Payment Solutions signed a multi-year contract under which Mountain America Federal Credit Union will obtain from Creative Payment Solutions remote deposit services for the credit union's business members.

Mountain America Federal Credit Union, located in West Jordan, UT, has used MoneyGram's official check services since 1999.

Money Transfer - Money GramThe company also provides official check processing for Credit Union Central Falls of Central Falls, RI and American Eagle Federal Credit Union of East Hartford, CT. And official check contract with United Bank, with offices in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Washington, D.C.

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