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Having the best credit is important. Whether you're looking to buy your own home, get a new car, applying for a home equity loan or just need another credit card, your lenders will be checking your line of credit. Inaccuracies in your CREDIT RATING can be COSTLY in more ways than one.

An Online CREDIT REPORT shows you what factors most affect your credit score.

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The word credit comes from the Latin “creditum,” meaning TRUST or FAITH. Credit is critical to the nation’s economy and your household economy. About 50% of consumers purchases and nearly 90% of all business financial transactions involves credit.

Without credit, the purchase of cars, homes and working capital for business wouldn’t be possible for most people. When you have bad credit rating, you are repeatedly denied access to credit. Credit problems cause stress in your life and stress causes all kinds of physical and mental problems. Because of your poor credit, you can be denied a place to live and be forced to settle for a less desirable place. You can be denied employment or promotion because of your credit history. Many divorces are the result of financial problems.

The FTC advises monitoring your CREDIT REPORT activity ON ALL 3 BUREAUS. The bureaus allow you one free credit check on your credit report, so you can help avoid fraudulent activity or stop a potential IDENTITY THEFT.


Keeping a good credit score.
Always pay your bills when it?s due. Payment history makes up more than a third of the good credit score.

Credit Report Rating
Here are a few tips about how you can protect and improve your credit report rating.

New Credit Rating
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The new VantageScore credit scoring formula.
VantageScore will range from 501 to 990, compared with 350 to 850 for FICO scores.

New Credit Score Rating System
The new credit score system is a result of businesses and consumers demand for a more consistent and objective credit scoring that is easy to understand and apply.

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