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The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 27.3 million Americans have been victims of identity theft in the past 5 years, including 9.9 million people last year alone.

It’s such a rapidly growing crime that is no longer a matter of WHETHER you’ll fall victim, but a matter of WHEN.

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Every year, Identity Theft costs our economy:

  • 48 billion Dollars in losses for business and institutions;
  • 5 billion Dollars in expenses for consumers;
  • 300 million hours spent by consumers trying to resolve and stop the fraud, clear up their credit reports and prevent identity theft.

Thieves can do the most damage when they can take over your identity and pretend to be you. They can get an auto loan, open credit card accounts, rent an apartment or get treated at a hospital.

When the bills are due, all those charge-offs, collections, delinquencies, repossessions, evictions, and judgments are not paid and wind up on your credit report, doing tremendous damage to your credit score and good name.

Some ways to avoid become a victim and prevent identity theft could include:

  • avoid using plastic,
  • stop filling out any more applications,
  • and cancel all of your credit cards.

But the fact is that most of your exposure to identity theft is beyond your control, ‘cause there is still enough information about you floating around out there for identity thieves to put their hands on.

10 Ways Of Preventing Identity Theft
Papers and documents that include personal financial information or your social security number must be shredded as a way of Preventing Identity Theft.

Identity Theft Protection
Identity theft protection experts recommend that you review your credit report twice a year or more. The first hint that you might have become a victim is a suspicious entry on your credit report.

What To Do If You Become An Identity Theft Victim
The bureaus should supply an identity theft victim with contact information for any creditor that are listed on your credit report. Add a fraud alert to your credit file.

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Prevent Identity Theft

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