When having difficulty paying your creditors, a sample payment plan letter arrangement can be one of the alternatives to solve your financial issues.

It may not always work, but a well-written letter can be the first step to start negotiations and demonstrate your interest in settling the account.

In order to ask for an installment payment plan agreement, most creditors will ask you to provide evidence of your inability to make full regular payments.

Use Letter Samples as a guide only. Delete any information that does not apply to your situation and add your personal information as needed.

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Here's a SAMPLE PAYMENT PLAN LETTER you can use as a guide.


(Firm's representative)
(Firm's Name)
(Firm's Address)
(Firm's phone number)

RE: Payment Plan Request for Account No. (Account #)

Dear (Ms/Mr. Ford:)

As you already know, the above-referenced account is (past due/delinquent.)

I understand the consequences that could be brought against me if the account is not brought current. At this time, I am requesting to be considered for a payment plan program that would allow me to keep making lower payments until I can resume normal payments or the debt is paid in full.

My current economic situation will allow me to make (monthly, weekly) payments of no more than ($) Dollars.

Attached, you can find xerox copies of personal documents that will corroborate my financial difficulty at the moment. (Include photocopies of bank statements, late notices, vehicle repossession, proof of income, anything that can prove hardship.)

Please let me know if my offer is acceptable in writing or you can call me at (Your Daytime Telephone #) to discuss further options.


(Your Name)
(Your Address)
(Your Phone #)

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