"Western Federal Credit Union offers a wide variety of mortgage, credit, auto, student and personal loans to meet your financing needs."

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Western Federal Credit Union

The Western Federal Credit Union is one of the nation's leading credit unions with over $1 billion in assets and over 119,000 members across the United States.

Credit Unions are non-profit financial institution that take pride in offering outstanding, personal service and highly competitive savings and loan rates for all of your credit union home mortgage loans, home equity loans, credit union auto loans, student loans and credit union personal loans.

Western Credit Union has a diverse group of sponsor companies in their field of membership in industries such as information technology, service, airline, retail, manufacturing, and aerospace.

Western, like all credit unions, has a volunteer Board of Directors who is elected by the members. Since credit unions don't have stockholders, the company's earnings is returned to it's members through a full line of products and services, competitive rates, and fewer or no fees.

Western Credit Union offers a wide variety of mortgage loans to meet your financing needs, including:

  • First Time Home Buyer Program
  • 3% Down Mortgage
  • Mortgage Discount Package
  • Other services: Wire Transfers, Notary Services, Safe Deposit Boxes, Savings Bonds

    Various companies have enhanced their Employee Benefits Package at no cost by offering WFCU membership.

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